Reappearing act

Well here I am again.

Things got a little hectic this week/ weekend with work and feeling sick and all. I really didn’t think much about blogging and sleep was the only thing on my mind after work every night.

On Friday, I came home and literally crashed, I was in bed at 5 pm and I slept right through to 7 am. When I woke up all the weirdness was gone and I felt refreshed and alive again.

My eating has also been scattered and weird with a few skipping meal.

So I figure that now it’s about time I get back into my regular routine.

All weekend I brought these into work.

Green Monster in a porta cup.

Yummy! Just look at all that green-ness.

This one had a bunch of kale (like the entire bunch) then one banana, two kiwi and a few scoops of flax seed. I was trying to do some major flushing to get the cold out,  hence all the green.

I alsobought a lot of  Brussels sprouts on sale at work. I’ve had them with pretty much every meal but luckily I absolutely love brussels sprouts.

Lunch was this beautiful ensemble

Arn’t those pita just the cutest?

I think they are so petite. I filled these with avocado and nutritional yeast but….banana and almond butter worked great also ;).

I had them along with  fresh mango,  leftover mung curry and Mount Everest of steamed veggies.

Dinner was similar.

A light spinach salad topped with Dijon dressing, a soyarie burger and some turmeric rice.

There is so much wonderful information out there about turmeric out there, it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, is used to treat depression and detoxified the liver to name only a few of its benefits.

My mom however, thinking she was cleaver, added one entire tablespoon of it to one little pot of rice! That sure was some turmeric-ky rice I’ll tell you. At least  it will do my inflamed joints some good!

This week, I am starting a little challenge.

I want to eat less fats, and increase my carb and protein intake. My diet contains about 30% fat on any given day. Thia is really high for anyone who is as active as I am. My goal is to eat 20-25% fats, 60-65% carbohydrates and 15-20% protein.

Who’s with me?

I think part of the problem is that I don’t eat enough. You might have noticed my meals today were huge. I used to barely fill my plates and even then I often couldn’t bring myself to finish what I had plated. The reason is that fat is filling, heavy and hard to digest. The body uses fat as a secondary fuel source so it’s nowhere near as efficient as carbs. I needmore complex carbohydrates so that my body can quickly turn them into the glucose and therefore increased energy (I hope).

I want to get used to eating bigger quantities of vegetable carbs and less fats. I was always getting enough calories but they were coming mostly from fat so the same amount of calories took up a lot less space on my plate and in my stomach.

I hope this experiement will give me more energy and I really look forward to being able to eat more food.

Now, on another note…

The other night I was craving a little something sweet.

I happened to find this beauty lying around. (now how did that get there?)

SO I opened my first ever carton of Almond Breeze and inspired by Heather I made myself a wonderfully warming cup of hot chocolate. Except before heating it up, I blended it with a bit of guar and xanthan gum to make it thicker and creamier.

Ooh La La is right!

This stuff was good and really hit the spot.

New favorite dessert? I think so!

I have a full day planned tomorrow!

A nice long run to start.

Au Revoir,


2 responses to “Reappearing act

  1. Easiest hot chocolate ever. :)

    So happy to hear I’m not the only one who piles on the steamed veggies. My plates always resemble Mt. Everest.

  2. I love eating so much food! Its a whole lot of bulk and a whole lot of vitamins all in one.
    oh and
    Thanks for the comment :)

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