Lunch feast

I had a Disassembled Sandwich for lunch which including leftover tempeh, avocado, tahini dip and bread with some coconut butter.

Not really filling enough for me today even with the tempeh.

I decided to fast for 24 hours starting tonight. I used to do it once a week awhile ago just to give my body a chance to rest and recover. I remember having incredible energy while I was doing it.

Also, instead of doing a full day with no food which is really hard for me, I will not eat from 3 pm on tonight and then have an early dinner tomorrow.

Fasting is definitely NOT for everyone. People with fast metabolisms will just crash and burn without their fuel. I really do feel like my body appreciates the rest though.

Sp before heading off to my trade work I made myself a treat.

It was honestly delicious.

Banana Hammock with pumpkin seed butter, dark chocolate and dried cranberries.

What an awsome combo.

So I might have sort-of lied yesterday when I said I’d be posting all my eats today. I did post them all but it was not exactly the three rounded meals you would expect (unless you count the BH).

The posts will resume as usual tomorrow evening though! Promised ;).



One response to “Lunch feast

  1. Oh your hammock looks so yummy… and you’re too cute with the deconstructed sandwich! Love the idea! :)

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