Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies for Breakfast

Inspired by Katie, and craving some serious carbs after yesterday, I decided to make some of her Oatmeal Cookies with a kick. Chocolate.

You heard me right that’s Chocolate Oatmeal Pancake Cookies.Dee-lish

I made a few changes to make them gluten and wheat free.



Mix all the dry ingredients together.
Combine the milk, stevia and vanilla extract.
Slowly ad into flour mixture until you achieve a crepe like consistency.
Heat a non stick skillet.
Add in one tbsp of batter at a time and spread.
Cook over medium heat until browned on each side.

Serve with Banana Butter and Cacao Nibs for the full experience.

They were really good!

I took the day off running. I’m really soar after yesterday and my body needs some recovery time.

I will probably take a short 60 minute yoga class tonight to stretch out those soar muscles.

Bye for now!


2 responses to “Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies for Breakfast

  1. Oh Emma, they look AMAZING!!!
    And your blog is so super-sweet as well!
    Happy Wednesday, awesome girlie :)

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